When it comes wedding planning, we know everyone and everything.

We provide all resources required to make your day perfect​. Not quite sure what you want to choose? Dont worry, our team showcases different types of ways to decorate a wedding. the theme will be creatively designed in a way that it can be used for cards, invitations, centerpiece, backdrops, cakes and much more.

Floral decorations

Florals are key in enhancing beauty of your wedding. Even though they are traditionally used in centerpieces, they have been known to do wonders in other places as well. A bouquet of flowers is the best know alternative for curtains, overhead floral that emits breeze of romance, seating chart decorated into a statement piece, flowers hanged on wall and ceiling and suspended designs from trees, branches and more...

Color combinations

Creating a vibrant mood and selecting great hues to your wedding is vital. our team will offer the perfect color palette to help you choose the best shades your celebration's theme and season. Colors refined, rich, conservative, elegant and more other shades will be showcased.

Menu and Cake

With the help of our catering partners we make sure the choice of your cake and menu influence the happiness that brings to party attendees. Pre arranged appointments will be made for couples to have the opportunity to meet with both local and international bakers. you will have a wider variety of styles from rustic, romantic, buttercream and fondant. In addition the most memorable part of the wedding is the food, from presentation, smell and taste can leave a lasting impression. You name it, we'll make it possible